The Floral-Design School known as «Nicole» is one of the most famous and the most attended floristic schools not only in Russia and CIS states, but also in Europe. Here it’s why:

  • Many years of leadership / Our school has been keeping its leading position for many years since the moment of its foundation and thus has turned out to be among the most prestigious ones. Probably, because it was not founded as a buisness-project for earning money, but as a union of like-minded enthusiasts, ready to learn and share thier experience with others.
  • Elaborate system of education / Serious approach and thought-out structure of step-by-step training guarantee a high quality result. The School has no intention to attract students by false promises to become good professionals easily and in a short time or by single classes with the «stars» of floristry. Superficial approach is not our way.
  • Unity of commercial and creative approaches / Commercial floristry does not mean primitive, non-creative routine as well as creative floristry does not mean sky-high fantasy and lack of clients. Both approaches complement each other harmoniously.
  • International contacts / Close connections with European schools and floristic organizations of other countries, constant exchange of experience and cooperation with the world famous masters and teachers enable our school to use the latest world achievements of floral-design techniques, materials, methods of teaching as well as to be aware of the latest tendencies and innovations.
  • Special program / Worked out in collaboration with our foreign colleagues and proved by time the educational program of our school is being constantly improved according to the latest requirements of the flower market and new tendencies.
  • Unique teachers / All the school teachers have rich practical experience and the highest qualification proved by many students’ the most positive reviews, lots of Russian and foreign certificates and diplomas, including the “master” ones granted by the Union of German Florists (FDF) and the German Chamber of Trade and Industry.
  • Rich assortment of flowers / Fresh cut flowers, greenery and other natural materials provided for the lessons allow the students to realize their most creative ideas as well as to receive some knowledge of seasonal choice and of trendy sorts and varieties of flowers.
  • Great variety of materials and tools / The general equipment of the school provides a wonderful possibility to gain the experience of working with various materials, tools and devices, which help to raise commercial floral works up to the level of professional design.
  • Experience and self-improvement / Despite of many years of successful experience our school is constantly in creative seek for improvement of its service in every possible way. That explains the annual changes in the program, appearance of some new themes, improvement of choice of flowers, new ways in rendering the learning material… Self-improvement – is what our students are taught in the school, which always strives to demonstrate them a good example.
  • Traditions and philosophy / In the recent world full of fussing and disharmony the school is like a small island where friendship, understanding, hard-working as well as Love to Nature, Love to Creation and Love to a Human Being still matter. Many years of experience have formed the school’s own philosophy which allows the students not only to gain success being a florist, but also change life for the better once one have acquired an ability of deeper perception of the world, of oneself and of the other people.

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